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  • 3 3/8" Crystal tuning fork
  • 3 3/8" crystal tuning fork
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: FTFCRY

    Crystal tuning forks hold frequency of the earth and are able to provide you with healing through its vibration and powerful sound. Tapping the tuning fork over effected areas of your body will create a beam of energy to that may help heal a host of issues. 3 3/8" long and comes with a wrist strap a...

  • $152.22

  • ~3# Smoky Qtz
  • ~3# smoky qtz
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GFSQT3

    Stunning Smoky Quartz peices in a flat that is roughly 3lbs. Many great pieces in this box set. Enjoy the stress and anxiety relieving benefits that Smokey Quartz has to offer you. Sold by weight only from Brazil.

  • $154.53

  • Raven 12"
  • Raven 12"
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: SR543

    A giant statue of Raven perched atop a tree stump. Made of delicately hand painted, cold cast resin. 12 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 14"

  • $156.41

    Out of stock
  • 10" Flower of Life stand
  • 10" flower of life stand
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: FS021

    Perfect base to charge your crystal, stones or the set of 7 Chakra balls (sold separately item code FC55CHA7).

  • $159.95

  • ~3# Epidote specimen
  • ~3# epidote specimen
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GFEPI3

    Epidote is know for its beauty and healing properties. Bring more abundance, and prosperity into your life as well as getting help improving your relationships. Each flat of Epidote specimens are about 3lbs. From Peru.

  • $161.02

  • 1 Lb Solomon's Seal Root cut (Polygonatum species)
  • 1 lb solomon's seal root cut (polygonatum species)
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: HSOLCB

    Solomon's Seal also known as Polygonatum Species is from the lily family. Used medicinally for a variety of health issues. In magic Solomon's Seal it is powerful when assisting with making difficult decisions, accepting and seeking change, breaking habits, smooth transitions, love potions, increase ...

  • $161.02

  • Amethyst, Chevron gift box (set of 12)
  • Amethyst, chevron gift box (set of 12)
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GGBAMEC12

    Box of 12 Chevron Amethyst, Peace of Mind, Prosperity, Inner Strength, Intuition. You get 12 various shapes, heart, sphere, natural formation, and pyramid, comes in large display box, each stone also has it's own nifty little individual display box, 2 nestled in a bed of wood shavings from China.

  • $162.10

  • 18" Dragon Globe
  • 18" dragon globe
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: SD2942

    Beautiful painted dragon globe resembling the Phoenix Dragon with the red and gold fire tones. Amazing detail all around this working globe. 18" and made with a solid resin.

  • $162.91

  • Garden Portable Wooden Raised Plants Greenhouse
  • Garden portable wooden raised plants greenhouse
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GT3569

    Specifications: Material: Chinese Fir wood and pc board Overall dimension: 30.0" x 22.5" x 43"(L x W x H) Adjusting hinge length: 10" Product weight: 23.7 lbs Package include: 1 x Wood greenhouse Please refer to the picture to get more size information
    This large solid wooden greenhouse is perf...

  • $169.35

  • 1 lb Rhodochrosite tumbled stones
  • 1 lb rhodochrosite tumbled stones
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GTRHOAB

    Rhodochrosite the stone of the compassionate heart. Assisting you in bringing love, compassion, true joy, healing old wounds, and unconditional love to self and others. Good for depression and self worth. 1lb bag by weight only from Peru.

  • $174.00

  • 1 Lb Kava Kava Root powder (Piper methysticum)
  • 1 lb kava kava root powder (piper methysticum)
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: HKAVPB

    Kava Kava Root or Piper Methysticum, originated in Figi and used globally in the food industry. Used in ceremonial beverages in different cultures. In magic practices it may used in spells for astral work, protection when traveling, success, and as an aphrodisiac. In powder form to be stored in a se...

  • $183.73

  • 1 Lb Deer's Tongue
  • 1 lb deer's tongue
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: HDEETB

    Deer's Tongue gets its name because the leaves resemble a deer's tongue. In magical practices it makes a strong ingredient in increasing psychic powers and to attract men. 1lb to be stored in a sealed container in a dry place away from direct light and heat.

  • $212.96

  • 1 lb Topaz, Lemon points
  • 1 lb topaz, lemon points
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GPTTOPLB

    Align with your highest good with Lemon Topaz. Lemon or yellow topaz assist you in manifesting your intentions in alignment with you divine plan. Has been known to help with faith, that you can bring anything into your life. May also bring people of help to you into your life path. 1lb Lemon Topaz p...

  • $221.58

  • 7" glass Singing pyramid
  • 7" glass singing pyramid
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: FSGP7

    The pyramid is returning as a strong sound healing device, taking the advice of our ancestors that used this source for thousands of years. Pyramids have a high vibrational energy and when played create voluminous healing tones. There is a host of benefits to Pyramid healing including, raising your ...

  • $230.51

  • 1 Lb Devil's Shoestring root
  • 1 lb devil's shoestring root
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: HDEVSRB

    Devil's Shoestring or known also as Polygonum Amphibium, Hobble Bush, Goat's Rue, or Cramp Bark. A tangled root that can grow to enormous sizes. Herbalists see it as an antispasmodic, particularly in helping to ease menstrual pains. Used magically to bring luck and protection when carried, used in ...

  • $238.89

    Out of stock
  • 14"x22" 7 Stone leather blank book
  • 14"x22" 7 stone leather blank book
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: BBBU613

    Our most massive tome ever with a line of 7 Chakra stones running down the front inside of an Indian inspired design centered on the cover. Embossing at the edge and on the rear cover may vary. Size may vary slightly. There are no latches or cord to tie this book closed and it is not meant for trave...

  • $247.26

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