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  • Interfaith Minister's Stole purple/ gold
  • Interfaith minister's stole purple/ gold
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: FMIMS1

    A purple & gold print on cotton fabric with liner, this interfaith stole is accented with the 12 symbols of the worlds varied religions, representing harmony & universal unity. Description sheet included. 4 x 6 .

  • $60.31

    Out of stock
  • Interfaith Minister's Stole blue/ white
  • Interfaith minister's stole blue/ white
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: FMIMS2

    A blue & white print on cotton fabric, with liner, this interfaith stole is accented with the 12 symbols of the worlds varied religions, representing harmony and universal unity. Description sheet included. 4 x 6

  • $60.31

  • Anguistalobe
  • Anguistalobe
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: JAP188

    Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies. Has 22 Chain. Fine English Pewter & Brass. 2 x 1 1/2

  • $60.31

  • Dreamcatcher turquoise pendant
  • Dreamcatcher turquoise pendant
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: JSDRET

    Sterling Silver dreamcatcher pendant, complete with a feather charms and a Turquoise stones. Turquoise may assist you with protection, courage, love, friendships, healing and is a lucky stone. .925 stamp and hangs 2 1/2" including hook. Made in India. Matches JRSDRET & JESDRET.

  • $60.31

  • Aquamarine Rune set
  • Aquamarine rune set
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: RRAQU

    A set of rune stones with the runes carved into aquamarine dyed tumbled stone and enhanced with gold enamel. Set contains the full Elder Futhark and one blank rune stone. Stones can vary in size from 1/2' - 1" From india and comes in a pouch, color of pouch may vary.

  • $60.35

  • 1 Lb Orris Root cut (Iris germanica var. florentina)
  • 1 lb orris root cut (iris germanica var. florentina)
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: HORRRCB

    Orris root also known as Iris x Gemanica originated in Morocco. Orris is Goddess Iris Greek mythology, regarding it as a symbol of strength and a connector to the divine. In magic this is used to find and hold love, protection, and divination work. Color can range from off white to reddish brown. 1l...

  • $60.46

  • Triple Moon Goddess Prayer Flags 60" x  29"
  • Triple moon goddess prayer flags 60" x 29"
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: FFFS1

    Featuring three flags, each one baring one of the holy feminine trinity - the Maiden, Mother and Crone - these prayer flags are a lovely way to celebrate the feminine divine.

  • $61.39

  • Baphomet bracelet
  • Baphomet bracelet
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: JBA138

    Framed upon the occultist's pentagram, Eliphas Levi's portrait and representation of the dualist, goat-headed deity symbolising the balance in everything, and notoriously known as the heretical subject of worship of the Knights Templar, in 1307 leading to their persecution and ultimately, their Frid...

  • $61.39

  • Planchette pendant
  • Planchette pendant
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: JPP766

    Technology from the 19th century seance; a spiritualist's device for communicating with the dead through the 'talking board', and discovering mysteries on the other side... ICU! A pewter pendant shaped as a seance planchette, or ouija pointer, engraved with mystical symbols, plus the alphabet on the...

  • $61.39

  • 1 Lb Bayberry Tree Bark cut (Myrica cerifera)
  • 1 lb bayberry tree bark cut (myrica cerifera)
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: HBAYBCB

    Bayberry Bark also known as Myrica Cerifera, from an evergreen shrub in North America. Numerous practical uses including an insect deterrent, candle wax making especially those winter holiday scents due to it pine like scent, by some for skin irritations. Magical uses include spells for good luck an...

  • $61.54

  • Wheel of the Year plaque
  • Wheel of the year plaque
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: SW727

    This wheel is detailed with nature items: pumpkin, acorns, nest eggs and more. A wonderful plaque to honor life, family, friends, bounty, and to welcome all. Light earth brown. Hand Painted Resin 11" x 1" x 11"

  • $61.55

  • 1 lb small Amethyst B terminated points
  • 1 lb small amethyst b terminated points
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GPTAMESB

    Amethyst terminated points crystal, B grade. Believed to have many healing powers, properties, and energies and self help. Amethyst may assist you in happiness, calming fear, emotional storms, courage, love, peace, addiction, dreams, helps with insomnia and nightmares, and considered the "stone of p...

  • $62.62

  • 1 lb Hyperstene tumbled stones
  • 1 lb hyperstene tumbled stones
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GTHYPB

    Boost your psychic gifts and open up your psychic visions with Hypersthene. You may just get those answers to those important questions with this magical stone in your pocket. Sold by weight only. From China.

  • $62.62

  • 1 Lb Scullcap cut (Scutelateriflora lateriflora)
  • 1 lb scullcap cut (scutelateriflora lateriflora)
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: HSCUCB

    Scullcap also known as Scutellaria Laterifolia and Blue Skullcap. Named because it was resembling the metal helmets worn by Medieval Soldiers. Used now mainly to create topical ointments and other medicinal creations. Magical uses include relaxation, peace, binding oaths, consecrating vows and commi...

  • $62.62

  • 22mm Flower of Life amethyst earrings
  • 22mm flower of life amethyst earrings
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: JESFLOA

    Be reminded of the unity of everthing while wearing this sterling silver Flower of Life earrings. Accented with Amethyst pieces within the flower grid pattern. Amethyst energy may assist you with happiness, calming fear, emotional storms, courage, love, peace, addiction, dreams, helps with insomnia ...

  • $63.55

  • Ganesha carnelian earrings
  • Ganesha carnelian earrings
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: JESGANC

    Large Ganesha sterling silver earrings with a Carnelian stone in the center. Ganesha energy has the power to clear obstacles, bestow wisdom, and promote prosperity and success. Carnelian may assist you with studies, memory, Boosts self-esteem, courage, and compassion. Sterling silver stamped .925 an...

  • $63.55

  • Ganesha lapis earrings
  • Ganesha lapis earrings
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: JESGANL

    Large Ganesha sterling silver earrings with a Lapis stone in the center. Ganesha energy has the power to clear obstacles, bestow wisdom, and promote prosperity and success. Lapis may assist in vitality, wisdom, disorganization, the immune system, relaxation, and depression. Sterling silver stamped ....

  • $63.55

  • 5" Singing Bowl assorted colors
  • 5" singing bowl assorted colors
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: FSBA5

    Singing bowls are a historical tool for producing sounds which invoke relaxation, chakra balancing, used in reiki treatments, and will aid you in deeper meditative state. Comes in red, green, blue, and yellow with a mallet and we choose the perfect bowl for you. These are not tuned to a specific not...

  • $63.70

    Out of stock
  • ~0.8# Labradorite free shape
  • ~0.8# labradorite free shape
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GFSLAB

    Labradorite free shape in a smooth finish. Powerful energy emitting off these pieces. Labradorite helps bring inspiration, boost intuition, stabilizes the aura and enhances the energy flow between the chakras & aura. Great for the eyes, digestion, also aids in anxiety and stress. Sold by weight only...

  • $63.70

  • 1 lb Green Goldstone tumbled stones
  • 1 lb green goldstone tumbled stones
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GTGGOB

    Green Gold Stone is a stone of prosperity and of drawing wealth in but also a stone for protecting one's treasures. The stone appears almost black at first look with barely visible sparkles and hints of green and gold. Turn the stone to light and all sorts of variations, layers and internal caverns ...

  • $63.70

  • 1 lb Serpentine tumbled stones
  • 1 lb serpentine tumbled stones
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: GTSERB

    Serpentine makes an exceptional meditation stone as it enhances your spiritual exploration. It helps you to find inner peace. Serpentine may help calm and stabilize the mind, wisdom retrieval, memory of past lives, clearing all chakras, anxiety, fears, open up psychic abilities, and will help calm a...

  • $63.70

  • Variety Pack HEM cone 48 bxs of 10 cones
  • Variety pack hem cone 48 bxs of 10 cones
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: ICHHC

    Big assorted variety pack, HEM incense cones, with display box. 48 boxes of 10 pack cones, including, (4) Lavender, (4) Rose, (4) Patchouli, (4) Vanilla, (4) White Sage, (4) Cannabis, (4) Coconut, (4) Strawberry, (4) Green Tea, (4) The Moon, (4) Cinnamon, (4) Dragons Blood, all within a pop up top d...

  • $63.70

    Out of stock
  • Proud Anubis 12"
  • Proud anubis 12"
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: SA540

    Shown here as the stern guardian of the underworld, the jackal-headed God of the Egyptians, Anubis is displayed as the perfect statue for your altar or home. 12"

  • $63.70

  • Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses (hc) by Joseph Peterson
  • Sixth & seventh books of moses (hc) by joseph peterson
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: BSIXSEV

    For people interested in folk magic. The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, arguably one of the most popular magick books ever published, contains two secret apocrypha ascribed to Moses, perhaps pseudepigraphically. The book consists of a collection of texts, which claim to explain the magick Moses u...

  • $64.83

    Out of stock
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